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Duplicate Content Checker

Why you have to write new content for your sites?
Look for the necessary text or article and copy text on a site. But not all so simple. I think you heard, that is better to do a unique content of a site.

Shingles Algorithm that will allow for two texts to be compared and in return a numerical value will be provided that somehow correlates to the level of similarity.

What can occur if search-engine Google or Yahoo defines that your text "Is borrowed" from other site?
Your resource may not be included in search results.

How search engines define similarity of texts?
There is Shingles algorithm, allowing simple duplicate content check to be convinced that between them exists a similarity.

How the Shingles algorithm works?
Splitting of texts into words, and then comparison of the received matrix. So to become not important if you have simply rearranged words or offers (if division goes on 1 word). Text Splitting can be both by one word, and on some, ie shingle from several words.

This service make possible to check content for uniqueness after document changes.

To Compare you need the original text and altered (rewrite) copy.

24.08.2009 v1.4
- Full Screen Button

25.07.2009 v1.3
- Add English translation

Before comparison the text passes the minimum cleanings and changes:
- Strip HTML tags from a string such as <strong>
- Make a string lowercase
- Strip Commas, points, apostrophes, new line character, double blanks, slashes.
- Remove "stop-words"

Original text:

Altered (rewrite) copy: